Monarch Waystation: What is it?

If you plant Milkweed, the Monarchs WILL come. How many Milkweed plants do you need? Having five to ten is the minimum. More is always better. If you haven't had Monarchs in the past, plant the Milkweed then wait. Be patient. Soon, the butterflies will find your garden. Trust me on this! Do you need to have a sign? Nope. But, I guess it doesn't hurt...

So, what is a Monarch Waystation? A Waystation is a special spot that Monarchs will visit because they know it has all the wonderful resources that Monarchs want and need to help in sustaining their 'children.' Waystations provide nectar for the adults as well as the important host plant for the Monarch to oviposit (lay their eggs). These special sanctuaries allow the Monarch babies (caterpillars) a safe haven in which to grow. They also provide energy sources for the adults who may be on their migratory journey...

Note: It took a few years before the Monarchs began coming in large numbers to my garden but when they did, let me tell you, they DID! Little did I know that I'd be raising Monarchs year-round. This picture was taken 12/22/07. Eggs are being laid, caterpillars are a-munching, pupae are undergoing metamorphosis, butterflies are eclosing each day...

The Monarch Watch program provides a lot of information on certifying your garden so that it too, can become a Monarch Waystation. It isn't necessary to be certified but, it sure doesn't hurt!

Check out the information provided by the Monarch Watch program. You may already have what it takes to be a waystation!

Monarch Watch Waystation Certification

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