Monarchs are on the move

The Monarch butterflies are on the move! Each year, beginning in the Fall, Monarch butterflies begin their annual migration. Those east of the Rockies travel southward towards the central mountainous region of Mexico, to the Oyamel Fir Trees, where they will 'overwinter' until Spring. Those west of the Rockies will travel towards the coast of California, where they will 'overwinter' in an assortment of trees: Eucalyptus, Pine, and others. Clusters of butterflies can be seen huddled together on the branches of trees, and the sight is definitely one to behold. During the overwintering time, Monarchs do not mate but store up energy supplies for the spring. They may fly down during the day to gather up some nectar or water but, more often than not, they remain clustered on the branches of the trees.

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